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The Future... 

This year at DSM I have grown educationally and professionally.  I have done more than I could imagine in my first year at a company and I am thankful for every opportunity and experience.  But there is one thing missing! Something that will progress my career at DSM further and this is cross collaboration with other sites.  


I have a strong desire to spend a few days shadowing our Attorneys in Parsippany, the Director of Risk Management in Augusta and our Contract Managers at DSM Sourcing. These are individuals that I work with daily and there is only so much that can be learned and taught virtually. I desire real hands on experience and with a global corporation there is a huge opportunity for me to learn from so many places. 



















There is one theme that has progressed me professionally and that is the desire to continously educate myself.  If I win the Development Bucks I will continue to educate myself by shadowing and learning from those that have the knowledge and skills I desire. 


Thank You


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