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The Present:

What Drives Me? Why DSM?



My Baby Sister 
At the age of 7 my baby sister Toya was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.  Toya had to check her glucose levels daily and has always had to take 3 shots daily. At one point Toya's health started to decline because she had no interest in continuing to take shots. The introduction of the insulin pump saved my sisters life! And guess whose coating material covers her pump... Yup DSM Biomedical! 
Human Rights Law in Haiti

In 2008, I walked through the country of Haiti doing Human Rights Law.  What I experience while in Haiti was extreme poverty and despair. While in Haiti I worked side by side with individuals from many NGO's one of which was the UN's World Food Program.  I am proud to work for a company that gives time and funding to the World Food Program. 


So now not only do I donate money to causes in Haiti I work for an organization that promotes the eradication of hunger in Haiti and countries in like situations. This is the first place I have worked and have been able to say I am genuinely proud to be an employee of. I am proud to work for DSM! 

Contract Drafting Meets Entreprenuership

I am an entrepreneur at heart. But my heart is shared with a love of contracts. DSM allows me to do both! In the last year I have been able to build a process, set criteria’s and write contracts all at the same time! It’s Heaven on Earth! DSM lets me be me!





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